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KA-BAR 3059 Zombie MULE Knife

KA-BAR 3059 Zombie MULE Knife


 KA-BAR 3059 Zombie MULE Knife. In the post Z-day world everyone always wants to be the one with the machete, but you're smarter than that aren't you? You understand how a small folding knife can be of more use and better value to you then the big swords people always want to carry around. You understand survival is not about how many zombies you kill. It's about having a secure camp and traps to catch food, and how else to do that but with the proper knife? With the KA-BAR 5039 Zombie MULE Folder Serrated knife you won't need to worry about never having the proper knife. With its 3-7/8'' AUS stainless steel blade and its serrated edge, you will be able to make camp, set traps, and all the other tricks that you know will keep you alive. You might not have the biggest knife but in the end you will be alive, and isn't that what matters?


KA-BAR 3059 Zombie MULE Folder Serrated
Model #3059
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